New Beginnings 2018

So this will become my new website… Frankly, the notion that I’d even be alive in 2018 have been quite dubious at times. But despite what some people might prefer, I’m still here, still fighting, still moving with real mofos and shittin’ on the fakers, opportunists, cowards and frauds. My work speaks for itself.

As you should know – if you know anything about me – I’m still trying desperately to determine how to live on this side of the prison walls. I know very well how to survive, but I have no clue how to live. We have a small crew of ┬ásurvivors and comrades working to make some real moves on a number of fronts in this war waged upon us by the United States government and its imperialist lackeys across the globe.

Our Work

One main focus of our work at this juncture is procuring funding for our solitary confinement torture survivors group with our comrade Dr. Antonio Martinez. This work is being undertaken by the Prison Liberation Collective, which we will soon have direct and full control over with an organizational structure based on a non-profit with 501(c)(3) status. We’ve spent far too long providing unpaid labor to opportunist and shitbags who seek to take advantage of our sincerity and courage in this struggle. Fuck off fakers, and quit fucking playing games with people’s lives.

There are a panoply of other important things we also need to be doing, and our objective is that once we get the organizational structure in order and then start receiving the funding we need to start the solitary survivors group, we will be able to implement a number of other elements of our strategic conception to contribute to this struggle. We hope to speak more about all of that soon.

The Moment

We remain under attack by a fascist police state that is murdering three people every day (that we know of) within this country and imprisoning millions, torturing hundreds of thousands, not to mention murdering countless people across the globe daily while decimating communities worldwide. This evil racist capitalist-imperialist empire must be stopped, defeated and destroyed at the soonest possible opportunity and our work is strategically designed to contribute the maximal amount possible towards this fundamental and utterly necessary, long overdue objective.

Our Enemies

Electoral politics is a deadly distraction from the work we must undertake. Both ruling class political parties within this country are utterly illegitimate and exist to serve the perpetuation of capital and empire. They are our fundamental class enemies, as are particularly “law enforcement” and all functionaries of the criminal system of injustice within the legal system, criminal courts especially.

There are obviously times where we must struggle within the arena of the criminal system of injustice, as well as the civil court system, especially when we or others are targeted for political neutralization via criminal “offenses” and other forms of warfare undertaken via the court system. Similarly, there are often times where the utter hypocrisy of the functioning of the system can be exposed via the civil court system, especially in the context of the struggle for prisoner’s rights and the conditions of confinement of the prison system.

This can, should, and must be extended beyond the walls of the prison system, particularly in the realm of struggle for the rights of those formerly incarcerated, and especially concerning the revocation of our rights to legally and lawfully keep and bear arms. This is a fundamental contradiction that we must break through on, and we have several key ideas upon which we can begin to break their ability to disarm those who most need arms for protection from the fascist police state currently in power in the United States ( and for the record, this is not a new phenomenon under Donald “Douchebag” Trump).

Shit, well some of that is more properly expounded in further detail in other venues, but yeah there’s a lot that needs to be said that I’ve been working on…

Anyhow, new beginnings. Much work to be done. Too much time wasted with opportunists and cowards. I’m moving on and will have more to say soon.